Month: June 2017

Best Anime Social Networking Sites and Community Among the Anime and Manga Lovers

Anime or Manga is a growing industry. The fan base of anime counts in million, and that is the reason brands are now focusing on Anime. The fresh example is the Amazon Strike. Big brands like Amazon putting their effort in bringing anime to the people is showing how big the anime industry is now. There is plenty of room for start-ups to bring new products and services for the anime fans to engage with what they call the anime culture.

One of the most popular anime-related product is anime social network. Anime fans are spread across the globe thus making it a must for anime fans to find a platform where they could interact with other people who share the same interest.

Here are few anime related social networks and communities where any anime fan can join, communicate and share with other anime fans.

Best Anime Social Networks and Communities

Gaia Online

GaiaOnline Anime Social Network

Gaia Online is an anime-themed social network site dedicated to the people who believe in anime culture. Like every other general social media, you share your thoughts, find friends, play games with others, update status and discuss but all about anime, comic, and manga. Every registered user gets a personalized avatar that they can personalize with their color, skin tone, style, and gender.

There is also a forum for registered users where they can ask and discuss many things, but most of the questions are related to anime and comic. As per recent update, it has more than 7 million visitors per month. This is the perfect place for anybody who wants to create connections with other people who shares the same interest.


Crunchyroll Forums for Topic discussion

Crunchyroll as what we know one of the most popular anime streaming sites where anime fans can watch anime either free or paid. Being a popular anime network, Crunchyroll has decided to create an environment where anime fans from all around the world can interact, discuss and share their thoughts. Their forum is the result of this vision. Crunchyroll has millions of registered users who make this community is the gateway for fans to connect with what other anime freaks think.


Tumblr- Anime Haven for Anime freaks

Tumblr is the popular blogging network for like-minded people share their prospect on different topics. One of the most popular topics on Tumblr is Anime. There are tons of anime-themed Tumblr blog and pages created by hardcore anime fans. You will find a lot of stuff related to anime. From anime reviews, and trailers to anime songs, anime artwork, link to buy anime figurines. If you think you are also a big anime fan and can contribute to the anime society, then you have the right to create your own log and page about anime.


AnimeSama- anime social and community

AnimeSama is the largest community of anime. AnimeSama calls themselves the Pocket Anime Community because this community has both desktop and mobile app version giving the opportunity to access the community from anywhere. AnimSama is a community full of anime topics, pictures, questions, suggestions, and reviews. You get to enjoy the company of other anime fans while making friends along the way.

Anime has come a long way. It is now not just an animated movie or show from Japan it is life for many people. Many people love to live anime life. This is important for anime fans to join anime social network to share their thoughts and suggestions with the world. Currently, there are only a few anime related social network sites and communities. But by seeing how the anime is growing, we can expect few more quality anime network in the coming future.

How to Become a Social Media Influencer

Social Medias have become the new age platform for all kinds of information sharing. Every business emphasizes on Social Media promotion nowadays. Apart from the businesses, individuals also promote their brands or channels here to get engagements and social shares. But for that, you need to become a Social Media Influencer. Being one of them is a tough nut to crack though it’s not impossible at all.

Here we are revealing some points which can easily follow and achievable.

become a social media influencer

Create you passion list

Before starting, I want to emphasize on something- if you wanna become one of those who creates ground shaking vibrations through their social viral contents. First of all, try to figure out the points of interests. Then search whether there is anyone else doing the same thing over the internet.  If there is anyone then also it does not matter at all. But before you step in always take a look at the works of the people who have been on the same field.

Always follow your passion but remember your passion should be realistic and achievable. Be smart and measure your passion with the reality and if you have found it okay then blindly follow it. Always take inspirations from the similar works that have been done already and try to find where you are and what your string point is and how you can use that to create viral content. After all, everything is about the people who will read, comment and share your content.

Start With a Unique way of presentation

If you go on copying the styles of someone else, then there is no way of getting success. Always create your own style and remember that it should be unique and standout otherwise readers or viewers won’t find anything new in your piece.

Start creating your content

Now it’s time to start drafting your content for the potential viewers. To attract and retain viewers you need to create quality contents frequently because you need to engage your viewers so that they can share your ideas otherwise your page won’t get shares and engagements. Always remember “share” is the most important thing while distributing your contents.

In the initial phase, you need to ping your friends to share the posts and ask the “friends of friends” to follow your page.

Combine Digital and Human interaction

conbine digital and human interaction

Always make one thing sure that you are easily approachable through mail and page. Don’t ignore the viewers, always reply them. If you have found some awesome stuff, share those with proper credits. These don’t hamper your creativity at all, and it may create a chance of reverse sharing also! These increase visibilities of your page or channel.

3 Instagram Tools Every Brand Should Use

With more than 500 million monthly users, Instagram is now one of most visited photo sharing social network. It has immense potential if used correctly. That is the reason why most of the brands now focusing on spreading brand awareness on Instagram eventually getting a huge margin of sale. Almost all the small scale and large scale brand has their official Instagram account and those who haven’t got one will surely get by the end of this year.

This is enough to show how big of an opportunity this is for all the brands to spread their brand on this platform. If you are still not satisfied with the stats, here are few more to satisfy yours over expecting guts.

  • Instagram experience more than 500 million active users per month.
  • All Instagram users share 95 million photos combined everyday.
  • The total like count is whopping 4.2 billion posts every day.
  • A study says 33% of users end up buying the product that they have seen on their news feed.
  • A whopping 75% people check the related website after seeing a product on their feed.

If you are still not satisfied with the important with the Instagram, then God knows what will satisfy you.

Every brand wants to climb the success ladder on Instagram, but very few make it out of it. The main reason behind the lack of appropriate tools that you need to become an Instagram sensation. Instagram provides very few stats which are decent for common people, but for a brand who wants see its product creating buzz around the Instagram, it sounds very few.

These are the 3 Instagram tools that you need to become a brand that almost all the Instagram knows about.

Simply Measured

Simply Measured is one of the very few social analysis tools that help you pull down all the posts to show what has worked in the past weeks and what has not. This tool is perfect for all those business people. It can work for free for up to 25k followers and can help you to analyze what your past few weeks have been on Instagram. Obviously, if you have more follower, then you have to get their paid service.

Simply Measured is also simple to use, just authorize them your Instagram and few seconds and let them pull all the stats for you.


KeyHole is another Instagram tool that pulls data from the public account. It analyzes your follower growth, engagement on your recent post or campaign. KeyHole also tells you the most trending Hashtags, best filters for your business, the best time for your business account post, what country has more follower for you and many other that will eventual help you to evaluate your Instagram moves and how to overcome any obstacle.


This tool is helpfull for those who has fewer followers. With this tool, you can generate some fair amount of legit likes on your posts. You can get free likes and also some valuable follower who might be interested in your brand. It has both free and paid version, and you get choose depending on your own preferences.

Riding the success stare on Instagram require a bit of analyzing your own posts and customer behavior. With all the 3 tools mentioned above, you get to do those analyzing with ease which ultimately results in a brand that most of Instagram users will know.

How to Manage Business Facebook Page

Facebook has become one of the strong ways of outreach. Every established business makes an own page and promotes that socially. It increases visibility and sends strong social signals thus pulling the attentions of maximum numbers of users. Facebook pages are used to create a fan base as well. Along with the social presence, easy customer acquisition makes the companies promote their businesses through the Facebook Pages.

But managing the pages is not as easy as we scroll down to the news feed. It needs to be verified by the Facebook and requires all important information which is needed to run a fully proved business pages.

Set a complete page

Always set a complete page with all the necessary info on it. Don’t forget to add the “Impressum” in the appropriate area. It’s a new thing added to recognize corporate pages on Facebook. You can write up to 500 words about your business here. So fill it. With the latest update, without filling impressum, it becomes harder to get authentic “badge tick” from Facebook that identifies a page as “verified”.

Use different ways to share

You might have seen that there are many ways to share your contents. If you are running any contest or online shop, then you can create offers to grab attentions. While sharing an image, always add some lines with it. If you want to share any banner, then select “Image” option only. Promoting videos is another way to engage people with your contents.

Always promote your content to targeted audiences

Paid promotion is better because it provides more reach to the audiences. But do a proper homework about the zone you are targeting. Because targeting the areas where you don’t run your business, you will lose your money only. Whenever you are setting up ads specify the targeted area by the name of the country, the name of the state, gender, age group, etc. Thus Facebook provides optimum controls over your promotions if you think anything gets wrong then stop your promotion immediately. Don’t hesitate to try different methods to find out the optimum one by trial and error method but always choose a small fund for these.

Use memes and quotes

Sharing business things all time isn’t a great idea. You can share quotes of famous men and creating memes can be an excellent input. It does not matter what you are sharing, but that should be engaging enough. That’s all. Creative memes get a lot of socially shared thus creating another dimension of the reach of your page. What you need as a manager is visits at your business page and trickle down visits to your website.

That’s all, my friend. Don’t forget to write us about your thoughts on it. I am counting for your comments. Stay tuned.

Instagram Starts Fully Functional Mobile Site

Instagram is no more an app-based photo sharing network. With its latest update, it has changed the way of using it. Now you can share all of your moments using the mobile site on the go! The mobile site of Instagram has got a face over, and now you can easily do whatever you want even without the app installed on your phone!

The move is quite awesome of course because moving to an app the only service isn’t a great idea. India’s one of the renowned fashion site Myntra went fully app based before a year. But after that, it started generating huge loss because the desktop and browser traffic erased in this move and only loyal customers remained in the sale loop. Once it has analyzed the dip in sale volume in a huge manner, it got a reverse engineering, and the site was re-launched to tackle the disaster.

Apart from the up gradation of the mobile site Instagram officially released a brand new web app for iPad also! Try it and let us know your experience though we have written our experiences below so that you can get an idea what it is and moreover why it has come into existence!

Instagram’s new mobile site- new look, new functions

In earlier days the site was not that compelling. Users could not share images using the mobile site. It was available for managing account and to see the notifications and timeline view only. That’s all.

But now the game has been changed fully. You can do everything you used to do using your Instagram app.

For iPad Users- A few things

Earlier Instagram treats the tablets and iPads as a mobile device that’s why it does not allow users to access the info without installing the app for the iPhones. But in the recent update, the things have been changed fully, and users now can easily get into the account without having much troubles and hassle of viewing the things through a small fuzzy screen. User experiences have improved a lot regardless of the device you use and without the limitations in any operating system. Whether you use Android or iOS, you will get same fluidic experiences through the mobile app.

For iPad users a new update-

  • You can now install the Instagram web app which allows you to post photos seamlessly without getting into the iPhone app. This new app is really a great boon but still a long way to go. The app is a little bit slow and does not have optimum visual appearances like profile grid show.

A good point to note-

  • Instagram’s app consumes a lot of data to show you the timeline, stories, etc. But this new iPad app can work seamlessly on a slow network, and that’s why it’s considered as one of the best solutions for iPad right now.