Social Shark is a creation of a NewYork based resident. Here is his story on his own word.

Hello friends, myself Dave, I mostly known as Shark in my local area. I love social media and stunned by how effective these platforms are. Everything we are doing is somehow linked to the social media. See a guy clicking some pictures, and I am sure you will find them on any of the social media platforms right after few hours. That much of influenced we are.

I myself a huge social media freak and I am against those who say social media are spoiling this generation. I share few similar thoughts but mostly believe, social media is a tool which works the same way you want it to work.

If you know how to use social media effectively, I am sure you will have a huge profit.

This blog or knowledge graph rather is a door to the best way of using social media. I have had enough experience on social media, and I will do my best give you all some ideas and tips to use social media effectively.