Best Anime Social Networking Sites and Community Among the Anime and Manga Lovers

Anime or Manga is a growing industry. The fan base of anime counts in million, and that is the reason brands are now focusing on Anime. The fresh example is the Amazon Strike. Big brands like Amazon putting their effort in bringing anime to the people is showing how big the anime industry is now. There is plenty of room for start-ups to bring new products and services for the anime fans to engage with what they call the anime culture.

One of the most popular anime-related product is anime social network. Anime fans are spread across the globe thus making it a must for anime fans to find a platform where they could interact with other people who share the same interest.

Here are few anime related social networks and communities where any anime fan can join, communicate and share with other anime fans.

Best Anime Social Networks and Communities

Gaia Online

GaiaOnline Anime Social Network

Gaia Online is an anime-themed social network site dedicated to the people who believe in anime culture. Like every other general social media, you share your thoughts, find friends, play games with others, update status and discuss but all about anime, comic, and manga. Every registered user gets a personalized avatar that they can personalize with their color, skin tone, style, and gender.

There is also a forum for registered users where they can ask and discuss many things, but most of the questions are related to anime and comic. As per recent update, it has more than 7 million visitors per month. This is the perfect place for anybody who wants to create connections with other people who shares the same interest.


Crunchyroll Forums for Topic discussion

Crunchyroll as what we know one of the most popular anime streaming sites where anime fans can watch anime either free or paid. Being a popular anime network, Crunchyroll has decided to create an environment where anime fans from all around the world can interact, discuss and share their thoughts. Their forum is the result of this vision. Crunchyroll has millions of registered users who make this community is the gateway for fans to connect with what other anime freaks think.


Tumblr- Anime Haven for Anime freaks

Tumblr is the popular blogging network for like-minded people share their prospect on different topics. One of the most popular topics on Tumblr is Anime. There are tons of anime-themed Tumblr blog and pages created by hardcore anime fans. You will find a lot of stuff related to anime. From anime reviews, and trailers to anime songs, anime artwork, link to buy anime figurines. If you think you are also a big anime fan and can contribute to the anime society, then you have the right to create your own log and page about anime.


AnimeSama- anime social and community

AnimeSama is the largest community of anime. AnimeSama calls themselves the Pocket Anime Community because this community has both desktop and mobile app version giving the opportunity to access the community from anywhere. AnimSama is a community full of anime topics, pictures, questions, suggestions, and reviews. You get to enjoy the company of other anime fans while making friends along the way.

Anime has come a long way. It is now not just an animated movie or show from Japan it is life for many people. Many people love to live anime life. This is important for anime fans to join anime social network to share their thoughts and suggestions with the world. Currently, there are only a few anime related social network sites and communities. But by seeing how the anime is growing, we can expect few more quality anime network in the coming future.