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How to Use Instagram LIVE Creatively

Instagram has become a common platform where people share their stories and images. After flowing with the initial features for some years, it introduced Instagram Live that opened several other doors to promote your personal views and brands easily. Being a social media platform, Instagram can also be used creatively for promotions.

Use Instagram Live Creatively

We are gonna discuss the same here-

How to use Instagram LIVE creatively

1. Relate day to day things:

If you want to take your talent to a next level, then a day in the life series may be the best option for you. You can start with something that you usually use to see in your work spaces. Starting from the numbers of the cups of coffee to meeting room gossip you need to think about everything a simple man does every day. Try to personalize these things so that these can be blended easily with your contents. Always find something people are comfortable with.

 2. Start interesting tutorials:

Tutorials have been the greatest points of interest for everyone, and we can use these as interest creating funnels for the visitors. Recently food bloggers and craft bloggers gained huge popularity; it would be the videos (do it yourself videos). But this creativity can be extended too many other things easily. Always research with your contents and remove the unnecessary things that may make the whole video nasty. Be specific and informative and create the video to the point.

3. Make Yourself a Thought Leader:

Start your contents as you are telling a story because viewers don’t love to read uninteresting guides. To engage them always start the content in a storytelling style. In the content share tips, ideas and solutions for the problems and provide your opinions. Always touch the other processes apart from the style you are showing and describe why the process you have chosen is the best.

4. Don’t make your content too lengthy:

Another point to remember is to make the content crisp and to the point. If you’re making any DIY video, then keep it limited to “5-6” minutes. You can make the unnecessary steps to pass in speed. Check some highly engaging and popular DIY videos on YouTube and see what the limitations in you are.

It’s all about how creative you are in making content and sharing strategies.

5. Do Instagram Live Sessions:

Nowadays everyone loves Instagram live than the Instagram stories because it’s easy to remember and we don’t have to put effort to read the whole thing. That’s why video sharing is better than writing stories. Another secret I should tell you- “Live” or “Instagram Live” drives more traffics than usual video sharing- it’s an algorithmic tweak- nothing else. Try it.

6. Get Audience Insights:

Always entertain your visitors. If someone messaged you, then you should reply the message. Don’t forget to add a warm regard at the end!

Creative Ways for Brands to Use SnapChat for Their Benefit

SnapChat for Brands

For the privacy freak Social Media users Snapchat is the best bet. Though a recent controversy pulls the popularity of Snapchat down at a bog rate, still it’s counted as one of the big Social Media platforms. Branding and advertising on this can provide a big push to your social Media marketing, but as this app is a little bit different than WhatsApp and Facebook, we need to take special advantages of the bunch of users who are on Snapchat. Let me tell you Snapchat is widely famous for image sharing like Instagram, but it got an intuitive one to one and group chatting and calling features as well with some special features like auto-destructive messages, images, and screenshot alert, etc.

SnapChat Stats

These Stats Say All

So while keeping the marketing campaign high, we need to focus on some interesting ways to reach users of this app.

Creative Ways for Brands to use Snapchat

Before we proceed, we need to understand the basic demand of the users. At first embed, this line in your head that all the users use this app for their privacy, so always try to relate the motive in every way you can.


contest makes brand to get exposure on snapchat

Arrange contest to tease your viewers. Snapchat has an intuitive feature for drawing in the app itself and holding a drawing contest can be the best marketing gimmick. You can ask your followers to make some doodles, and you will pick some best snaps or doodles and reward the users with a discount coupon or physical gift, etc.

Behind-the-scenes Strategy:

One of the best ways to taste the best out of the visitor’s capability to imagine. Don’t portray any celebrity as the brand ambassador, you can pick your customers instead and make someone brand ambassador for a month, share the images, and this may connect your customers emotionally. It’s a new way of marketing.

Extremely engaging tidbit:

Let me tell you one thing on mouth advertising. You may already know that word of mouth spread earlier than expected. And it’s considered as the best way of marketing to get loyal customers.

You can share a series of images to encourage your followers to vote on the best “product-brand-image” etc. It can be a design also.

The strategy becomes very successful when someone declares that customers will get 10% OFF on the next purchase if he or she shares his or her images with the product in his or her Social Media timeline.

These are the new age marketing strategies for Snapchat. Try these and let us know what’s you take on these.

How to Manage Business Facebook Page

Facebook has become one of the strong ways of outreach. Every established business makes an own page and promotes that socially. It increases visibility and sends strong social signals thus pulling the attentions of maximum numbers of users. Facebook pages are used to create a fan base as well. Along with the social presence, easy customer acquisition makes the companies promote their businesses through the Facebook Pages.

But managing the pages is not as easy as we scroll down to the news feed. It needs to be verified by the Facebook and requires all important information which is needed to run a fully proved business pages.

Set a complete page

Always set a complete page with all the necessary info on it. Don’t forget to add the “Impressum” in the appropriate area. It’s a new thing added to recognize corporate pages on Facebook. You can write up to 500 words about your business here. So fill it. With the latest update, without filling impressum, it becomes harder to get authentic “badge tick” from Facebook that identifies a page as “verified”.

Use different ways to share

You might have seen that there are many ways to share your contents. If you are running any contest or online shop, then you can create offers to grab attentions. While sharing an image, always add some lines with it. If you want to share any banner, then select “Image” option only. Promoting videos is another way to engage people with your contents.

Always promote your content to targeted audiences

Paid promotion is better because it provides more reach to the audiences. But do a proper homework about the zone you are targeting. Because targeting the areas where you don’t run your business, you will lose your money only. Whenever you are setting up ads specify the targeted area by the name of the country, the name of the state, gender, age group, etc. Thus Facebook provides optimum controls over your promotions if you think anything gets wrong then stop your promotion immediately. Don’t hesitate to try different methods to find out the optimum one by trial and error method but always choose a small fund for these.

Use memes and quotes

Sharing business things all time isn’t a great idea. You can share quotes of famous men and creating memes can be an excellent input. It does not matter what you are sharing, but that should be engaging enough. That’s all. Creative memes get a lot of socially shared thus creating another dimension of the reach of your page. What you need as a manager is visits at your business page and trickle down visits to your website.

That’s all, my friend. Don’t forget to write us about your thoughts on it. I am counting for your comments. Stay tuned.

How to make your Reedit Profile Strong to make your content viral

Reddit is a name of genuine reader’s hub. More than 150 million eyeballs hit it every month that’s why promoting content on Reddit is a very good idea to engage geeky readers. If you want to raise your voice on something or want to promote your piece of writing with excellent references that may help to crack many tough nuts, then Reddit would be proven as a treasure trove.

Engaging people in Reddit is a little bit tricky and difficult than Facebook and other social media networks like Stumble upon etc. Reckless sharing of the same link, or anything may call a ban over your profile.


The tricky part is that before letting people know your things, we need to engage yourself into the Reddit. Reddit calculates everything starts from how many hours you are on Reddit, age of the profile you are using, kind of contents you are sharing, your engagement on different topics of others (activities like upvote, downvote, comments, etc.)

That’s why it’s a whole new world full of wisdom. Let me tell you one thing- you can be criticized a lot if you engage in anything that you don’t know properly or have shared something that’s not correct. That means readers here are more intelligent and passionate than any other social bridges. Clever people hit here and take advantages of the genuine readers.

Here what we will discuss is how to make your Reddit profile string so that you can share your pieces and can make your shared content to be seen by the Reddit users as well.

How to Make Reddit Profile Strong

Always share good content

Content is the King

Don’t bother to share shitty contents that may have false info or something that we are not sure about. Because people will engage with the piece, you shared and will give up vote for your excellent work and down vote if readers don’t find that useful enough to appreciate. The more upvote you get, the more your content moves forward towards the first page. The first page of results gets maximum exposures just like Google and Bing search!

Maintain healthy relations with Reddit friends


Yes, the toughest part is to make friendships with the contacts you are connected with. If you have shared anything useful on your profile, invite the persons connected with you to see that and to provide valuable feedback by providing comments and to appreciate by upvoting the content and by sharing them on their other social profiles like Facebook and Twitter, etc.

Design your website with faster load speed and beautiful navigation


The main part is to make an impression once the visitors go on the page where the actual content is. Always go for something that has a minimal design and fluidic navigation so that visitors don’t get confused once they entered into your website. Use graphs, infographics to make the page better.

That’s all. Let us know your thoughts around this. We will add your points too if found cool.

Use Stumbleupon in a smart way to make your content stands apart

Stumbleupon made its way ahead of Facebook in early 2011 in terms of a number of visitors it sent to the content shared and had gone famous among the content marketers and naturally where quality rich contents are shared people gradually make their step ahead towards that. In today’s world where Facebook has surpassed everything, Stumbleupon is still is a network that holds hardcore readers and a bunch of creative people who share interesting things. We often find many things first at Stumbleupon.

Today we will discuss how to make Stumbleupon a power of driving visitors in the initial days of your website so that it can flourish as a genuine site on the domain it works. Fortunately, if your piece hit the “go viral” point, then your content will be everywhere on the web, and you will get an obvious exposure.

Let’s start with the basic things first- the profile.

Make your comprehensive profile:

Set your profile in a professional way, I mean to say it should look like a complete profile with some compelling images and all the necessary information at the proper places. Make sure that you have only one Stumbleupon profile. Having multiple accounts may create a lot of issues. So avoid this black hat trick- don’t use multiple profiles from a single device.

Add Stumbleupon toolbar in your browser:

Add the toolbar so that you can share your piece with a single click. That’s all. Be smart and act smart to pull visitors quickly.

Make friends and connection:

The next step is to make contacts on Stumbleupon. Because without any contact if you keep sharing your things, you will be detected as a self-spammer and the piece you have shared may not get proper attentions from the algorithm used here. So always make contact before start sharing and ping everyone in your contact to provide necessary comments and share their thoughts while you post something on your profile. Simple, as the engagement goes up, your profile gets stronger. Once you get this done, you can start sharing links occasionally, and you will get big hits from Stumbleupon.

Make community and join the different community:

Don’t be alone in Stumbleupon. Once you make friends, try to join the various popular groups and communities. Once you have decided something to go with, start building your own communities slowly. Always be active by commenting on the posts and images shared in these groups and communities. Thus your profile gets stronger day by day, and Stumbleupon recognizes you as a legitimate member of it. You can share links, but it should not be excessive at all. Always check this thing. Otherwise, you will be hit in a few weeks on Stumbleupon.

Throw a Social Media Theme Party: Tips

Social media is the obsession for most kids. If you ever decide to throw a party for your kids for their birthday or maybe an end of school season party then nothing could be better than throwing a social media themes party. His/Her friends will be surprised to see how awesome social media party can be and who can ignore that compliments your children gonna get for rest of their life. You will become cool parents with no time.

SOcial Media Party

Here are some basic ideas for your Children’s Social Media Theme Party

Every party consist of three main stages. Everything is incomplete without everything. I will be focusing on these three main part of this social media party. Rest is on your creativity to use your open creativeness to make the party worth remembering.



Every party is incomplete without some form of food. If you have awesome foods, your party is a success. Here are some ideas that came straight from my mind. I hope you will enjoy.

Social Icon Cookies: It is now easy to find cookie cutters in the shape of various social media icon e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Use safe food coloring to color those cookies.

Sandwich: Make square sandwiches and use food coloring to draw social media icons. Also, you can use cookie cutters to cut your sandwiches in social media icon form.

Social Media Cake: Cake in a party is a must. Use various social media icon to decor your cake. I have seen many cake shop who can transfer any image to foster. Have a chat with the cake shop and make a social media inspired cake that everyone gonna adore.

There are much more thing you can do to make your social media food stand apart. Here is a board on Pinterest which have some more food inspiration for you to throw a perfect social media inspired party.



The first thing every guest going to nice when they enter the party house is the decoration. The decoration must be in a way to give your party an interesting vibe. Here are few must have social media decoration ideas.

Banner and Poster: Have all the popular social media icon downloaded and print them from a print shop into banners or posters to hang in the party room.

Instagram Photos: Site like is a must have tool to print your Instagram photos into nice posters or banners. You can do that by yourself using your printer or let them use their creativity to make your party look awesome. You can also print 3D cube of your Instagram photos to make 3D table decorative.

Weird Hashtag: Nothing can be more interesting than all the Weird and interesting hashtag. Have them all arranged using photo tool and print them in banners.


Like food and decoration, activity is also an important part of any party. If you can plan few successful activities, then you know you did a great job. Here are few social media activities that are gonna spice up your amazing party.

HashTag: This generation lives on hashtags. Using hashtags in social media party is a dashing idea. Here is what you can do, give all the guest few minutes to interact with other guests, and once the time is up, each has to give a hashtag to each guest that they think the hashtag describe the person the best.

140 Character: Give every guest few minutes to come up with some of the best 140 character wishes or comments. The creative the person is the more mark he/she gets.

Throwing a social media party could be fun. If you haven’t considered or just this plan is in your head then do give it a shot. I am sure your kids gonna love this party, and they will find that rocking parents s/he alway wanted.