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Throw a Social Media Theme Party: Tips

Social media is the obsession for most kids. If you ever decide to throw a party for your kids for their birthday or maybe an end of school season party then nothing could be better than throwing a social media themes party. His/Her friends will be surprised to see how awesome social media party can be and who can ignore that compliments your children gonna get for rest of their life. You will become cool parents with no time.

SOcial Media Party

Here are some basic ideas for your Children’s Social Media Theme Party

Every party consist of three main stages. Everything is incomplete without everything. I will be focusing on these three main part of this social media party. Rest is on your creativity to use your open creativeness to make the party worth remembering.



Every party is incomplete without some form of food. If you have awesome foods, your party is a success. Here are some ideas that came straight from my mind. I hope you will enjoy.

Social Icon Cookies: It is now easy to find cookie cutters in the shape of various social media icon e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Use safe food coloring to color those cookies.

Sandwich: Make square sandwiches and use food coloring to draw social media icons. Also, you can use cookie cutters to cut your sandwiches in social media icon form.

Social Media Cake: Cake in a party is a must. Use various social media icon to decor your cake. I have seen many cake shop who can transfer any image to foster. Have a chat with the cake shop and make a social media inspired cake that everyone gonna adore.

There are much more thing you can do to make your social media food stand apart. Here is a board on Pinterest which have some more food inspiration for you to throw a perfect social media inspired party.



The first thing every guest going to nice when they enter the party house is the decoration. The decoration must be in a way to give your party an interesting vibe. Here are few must have social media decoration ideas.

Banner and Poster: Have all the popular social media icon downloaded and print them from a print shop into banners or posters to hang in the party room.

Instagram Photos: Site like is a must have tool to print your Instagram photos into nice posters or banners. You can do that by yourself using your printer or let them use their creativity to make your party look awesome. You can also print 3D cube of your Instagram photos to make 3D table decorative.

Weird Hashtag: Nothing can be more interesting than all the Weird and interesting hashtag. Have them all arranged using photo tool and print them in banners.


Like food and decoration, activity is also an important part of any party. If you can plan few successful activities, then you know you did a great job. Here are few social media activities that are gonna spice up your amazing party.

HashTag: This generation lives on hashtags. Using hashtags in social media party is a dashing idea. Here is what you can do, give all the guest few minutes to interact with other guests, and once the time is up, each has to give a hashtag to each guest that they think the hashtag describe the person the best.

140 Character: Give every guest few minutes to come up with some of the best 140 character wishes or comments. The creative the person is the more mark he/she gets.

Throwing a social media party could be fun. If you haven’t considered or just this plan is in your head then do give it a shot. I am sure your kids gonna love this party, and they will find that rocking parents s/he alway wanted.