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Use Stumbleupon in a smart way to make your content stands apart

Stumbleupon made its way ahead of Facebook in early 2011 in terms of a number of visitors it sent to the content shared and had gone famous among the content marketers and naturally where quality rich contents are shared people gradually make their step ahead towards that. In today’s world where Facebook has surpassed everything, Stumbleupon is still is a network that holds hardcore readers and a bunch of creative people who share interesting things. We often find many things first at Stumbleupon.

Today we will discuss how to make Stumbleupon a power of driving visitors in the initial days of your website so that it can flourish as a genuine site on the domain it works. Fortunately, if your piece hit the “go viral” point, then your content will be everywhere on the web, and you will get an obvious exposure.

Let’s start with the basic things first- the profile.

Make your comprehensive profile:

Set your profile in a professional way, I mean to say it should look like a complete profile with some compelling images and all the necessary information at the proper places. Make sure that you have only one Stumbleupon profile. Having multiple accounts may create a lot of issues. So avoid this black hat trick- don’t use multiple profiles from a single device.

Add Stumbleupon toolbar in your browser:

Add the toolbar so that you can share your piece with a single click. That’s all. Be smart and act smart to pull visitors quickly.

Make friends and connection:

The next step is to make contacts on Stumbleupon. Because without any contact if you keep sharing your things, you will be detected as a self-spammer and the piece you have shared may not get proper attentions from the algorithm used here. So always make contact before start sharing and ping everyone in your contact to provide necessary comments and share their thoughts while you post something on your profile. Simple, as the engagement goes up, your profile gets stronger. Once you get this done, you can start sharing links occasionally, and you will get big hits from Stumbleupon.

Make community and join the different community:

Don’t be alone in Stumbleupon. Once you make friends, try to join the various popular groups and communities. Once you have decided something to go with, start building your own communities slowly. Always be active by commenting on the posts and images shared in these groups and communities. Thus your profile gets stronger day by day, and Stumbleupon recognizes you as a legitimate member of it. You can share links, but it should not be excessive at all. Always check this thing. Otherwise, you will be hit in a few weeks on Stumbleupon.