Creative Ways for Brands to Use SnapChat for Their Benefit

SnapChat for Brands

For the privacy freak Social Media users Snapchat is the best bet. Though a recent controversy pulls the popularity of Snapchat down at a bog rate, still it’s counted as one of the big Social Media platforms. Branding and advertising on this can provide a big push to your social Media marketing, but as this app is a little bit different than WhatsApp and Facebook, we need to take special advantages of the bunch of users who are on Snapchat. Let me tell you Snapchat is widely famous for image sharing like Instagram, but it got an intuitive one to one and group chatting and calling features as well with some special features like auto-destructive messages, images, and screenshot alert, etc.

SnapChat Stats

These Stats Say All

So while keeping the marketing campaign high, we need to focus on some interesting ways to reach users of this app.

Creative Ways for Brands to use Snapchat

Before we proceed, we need to understand the basic demand of the users. At first embed, this line in your head that all the users use this app for their privacy, so always try to relate the motive in every way you can.


contest makes brand to get exposure on snapchat

Arrange contest to tease your viewers. Snapchat has an intuitive feature for drawing in the app itself and holding a drawing contest can be the best marketing gimmick. You can ask your followers to make some doodles, and you will pick some best snaps or doodles and reward the users with a discount coupon or physical gift, etc.

Behind-the-scenes Strategy:

One of the best ways to taste the best out of the visitor’s capability to imagine. Don’t portray any celebrity as the brand ambassador, you can pick your customers instead and make someone brand ambassador for a month, share the images, and this may connect your customers emotionally. It’s a new way of marketing.

Extremely engaging tidbit:

Let me tell you one thing on mouth advertising. You may already know that word of mouth spread earlier than expected. And it’s considered as the best way of marketing to get loyal customers.

You can share a series of images to encourage your followers to vote on the best “product-brand-image” etc. It can be a design also.

The strategy becomes very successful when someone declares that customers will get 10% OFF on the next purchase if he or she shares his or her images with the product in his or her Social Media timeline.

These are the new age marketing strategies for Snapchat. Try these and let us know what’s you take on these.