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Free Social Media Analyse Tools That Every Social Marketer Must Use

Social Medias have become major marketing arena since Facebook got billions of active users worldwide and us as social being got more engaged with each other through the social platforms and brands got a specialty platform to advertise their products and service with utmost precision. For any advertising monitoring, the campaigns are very important because you can easily track your expense and customer acquisition rate. But maximum tools are too costly that you keep your way out of this. But there are still many handy apps and tools that let you track the things easily.

best social media analyse tools

Free social media analyze tools


Hootsuite is famous as one of the best free social media tracking and sharing tools. Using this you can cover many Social Media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Foursquare, and Google+ together and can keep track engagement easily just from a single dashboard. The free version provides weekly reports and the options of delegating tasks and sending messages to individual and in groups as well is just kickass.


If you guys are handling a lot of social media platforms at a time then it may be the best bet for you because you can aim towards multiple social media platforms at a time and can extract the data to analyze whether your advertising campaign is going well or not. It supports a variety of platforms like Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, WordPress, Bing News, Delicious, Google, Ask.com and the exciting feature is that you can control all of these together.



We have taken Klout at second preference on our list of fee Social Media monitoring tool. It’s one of the most talked controversial monitoring tools. Some people hate this tool and claim that the scoring system is completely inaccurate and does not make any sense. And if you wanna try to keep in touch with the developer then you have landed yourself in an impossible task for sure. But our tests find it very useful as it provides ample data regarding influences and engagement of your posts on Twitter and Facebook as well. We have adjusted our target audience and got a healthy amount of positive growth in advertising.



HowSociable is one of the handy tools to check your competitor presence on social Medias. As you know competitor, research is very important while you are tracking your advertisement programs. A free account on HowSociable helps to monitor competitors’ activity on twelve different social Media sites together with scores and all to see how you are performing.

Try these and let us know your experience. Let us know if you have any other site in your mind but one condition- it should be free to use!